traditional steel cut irish oatmeal

McCann’s® Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal is made from fabulously full, plump, McCann’s® whole Irish oat grains which are sliced by steel blades into small “grainlets,” about the size of small rice particles. When oats are cut in this way, they become very “nutty” both in flavor and texture-this has been the benchmark of our world-famous taste for more than 150 years. Steel cutting is the only processing our oats receive-which means 100% of the vitamins, fiber and nutrition that our fine oats have to give. Available in classic McCann’s® 28oz. tins and 16oz. cartons.

Steel Cut vs. “Rolled” Oats
Rolled oats start out as steel cut oats and are then softened by steam and literally rolled into flakes of varying thickness. They differ from steel cut oats in their texture, cook time and flavor. Rolled oats tend to taste more “oaty” and less “nutty” than steel cut. They cook faster than steel cut oats and are great for use in all sorts of recipes!

What makes Steel Cut Oats So Great…
For one thing, they’re oats! They are full of nutrition, a good source of fiber, and have no cholesterol or sodium. None. As part of a low-saturated-fat/low cholesterol diet, they can be an important (and delicious) weapon in the fight against heart disease. Soluble fiber from foods like McCann’s® Steel Cut Irish Oats as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of heart disease. A serving of McCann’s® Steel Cut Irish Oats supplies 2 gram of the 3 grams beta glucan soluble fiber necessary per day to have this effect. And because they’re Steel Cut Oats, with a delicious nutty taste, they are great eating.

What Makes McCann’s® Steel Cut Irish Oats So Great…
The same thing that makes some real estate properties more valuable than others: location, location, location. The conditions in Ireland are especially favorable to the production of bumper crops of some of the finest oats in the world. It’s a “perfect storm” of water quality, soil richness and ideal climatic conditions, especially temperature and rainfall. All these elements contribute to the wonderful nutty taste and fuller, plumper grains of our oats – qualities that have been sought after and savored for more than 150 years.  It’s an unbroken tradition of quality and goodness that has been pleasing – and will continue to please – the most particular oatmeal lovers for generations.