beyond the bowl!

Oatmeal is more than simply a breakfast cereal. It has become a versatile recipe ingredient, ideal for a wide range of baking and general cooking applications. Here are some fabulous oat recipes we’ve developed that go way “beyond the bowl”! Some are sweet, some savory. All are loaded with the delicious and healthy goodness of McCann’s® Irish Oats, to be enjoyed all day through, all year long.


A family tradition…try a flummery! Once upon a time we left our McCann’s® oatmeal to cool, and it cooled to the point where it was semi solid, almost like a pudding. It was all “fixed up” just how we like it - with trail mix (try that!), a little 1% milk and some brown sugar. But it was cold. It was also incredibly delicious! The texture of the cooled oatmeal was spectacular. This oatmeal delight has been enjoyed this way for hundreds of years in the British Isles - widely known by the (Welsh) name “flummery,” among others. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a fabulous way to eat oatmeal not only for breakfast - but you can make servings up and refrigerate them for a snack any time you want something that’s filling, really tasty and actually GOOD for you.